Should I take these courses?

All are welcome to take these courses, but here are some personality types that tend to excel in these fields.

  • The detailers: people who like paying attention to small details.
  • The tinkerers: people who like to take things apart and see how they work.
  • The artists: people who enjoy the challenge of creating something unique and beautiful.
  • The tech junkies: people who love all things technology related.
  • The detectives: people who like to solve mysteries, even if it takes time and patience.
  • The committers: people who don't stop forging ahead, even when they feel like they're stuck in the mud.
If none of these types of people sounds like you, don't despair. These are all traits you can develop in this course. Remember: animation and modelling takes time and practice, just like developing any other skill. As long as you:
  • listen closely and fully participate
  • always honestly and legitimately try to do your best every day, and
  • attend daily
you will succeed in this course.